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  • 1.
    Use the power of inspiration, motivation and learning

    Many people don't know where to go in their life or how to turn their passion into a career and achieve their dreams. This is where the Life Learnings and success stories of people from the same or a similar industry can be so powerful - to inspire, motivate and learn from the another’s situations, mistakes, successes, and ups and downs. This is where YOUR Life Learnings can be extremely valuable.

  • 2.
    A safe space for honest dialogue

    When someone talks honestly about formative moments in their life, situations that might even make them look weak or assailable - we empathize and identify with them. You forge a connection and feel like you’re talking to a close friend rather than a stranger. That's why we’re creating a safe space for you to feel comfortable in (for example: you will decide if we gonna make a video recording of your talk or not and if/where to publish that recording).

  • 3.
    30 min talk + 5 min Q&A

    Let’s go beyond scratching the surface. You’ll have up to 30 minutes for your talk - to have the opportunity to talk about a wide range of life learnings and stories. You can take less time if you’d like to focus more on Q&A. But we recommend you to think again if there isn't a story from your life left worth telling.

  • 4.
    Think about situations in your life that changed / shaped who you are

    Maybe you were shy in school before you changed your behavior and developed a curiosity about other people and their stories? Perhaps you dreamed about moving to another country and went for it, or left a stagnant career for a passion and succeeded?

  • 5.
    Describe your Life Learnings, based on the situations

    Ideally you’ve ruminated over the inflection points that changed drastically how you think and behave. What learnings did you draw from these situations and decisions? Writing down your Life Learnings in nuggets of knowledge may be helpful. Examples: "Surround yourself with positive thinking people.", "Be the way YOU are",  "Follow your passion & don't get distracted by negative people.", "Listen to all the advice you can get and seek out diverse sources of insight."

  • 6.
    Use the Life Learnings as chapters

    Using Life Learnings as chapters and mentioning them at the beginning, after a short introduction, may encourage the audience to follow your story and inspire curiosity about what’s to come.

We’ll provide all the support you need to give an amazing presentation, get and keep the attention of the audience, limit the risk of losing yourself in details and allow you freedom of topic selection. This is an example structure with which you can easily build a fascinating talk, while having a lot of flexibility. Just make sure to focus on your Life Learnings.

  • 1.
    Introduce yourself. Include something surprising
    Recommended: < 1 min

    Hook the audience and inspire curiosity about what you plan to discuss by giving a short introduction about yourself. Include something surprising or something amazing you have done, a situation or decision that has changed your life drastically or something private that only a few friends of you know to build trust.

  • 2.
    Overview of all your Life Learning sentences
    Recommended: 1 - 2 min

    Give the audience an overview of the Life Learnings you plan to explore. Our recommendation: have about 3-5 Life Learnings (sentences) and show them on 1 -2 presentation slides.

  • 3.
    Life Learning 1, 2, 3, etc. + example situations to explain them
    Recommended: 21 - 26 min

    Now the main part: talk about your Life Learnings and example situations and decisions to inform the audience and imprint the learning on them. For each learning, show the Life Learning sentence and when it comes to the examples include some photos to allow the audience visualize your situation better (photos from your life changing trips, photos from you in school - when you had a hard time, etc.). Prevent using additional text and fancy animations that distract too much from your story.

  • 4.
    Recap: overview of all your Life Learning sentences
    Recommended: 1 - 3 min

    Remind the audience about your Life Learning sentences by repeating the slide/s you used at the beginning. A good way to ensure they remember your whole story and not just the last view minutes.

  • 5.
    Motivating end
    Recommended: 1 - 3 min

    One more thing... What is your most important advice for other people? How would you like to motivate them to find out and follow their passion?

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